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Medical Clinic Ottawa - BIA or also known as Bioimpedance Analysis is a straightforward non invasive technique used to help calculate body composition. BIA machine accurateness will depend on various factors like for instance the frequency at which measurements are taken and the choice of instrument used.

BIA was at first used around thirty years ago to be able to calculate the total water content of the body. This method is actually performed by way of passing a very minimal level electrical current through a person's body. The impedance to the flow of this current is then calculated.

There are two key ideas which BIA is primarily based upon. Initially, a person's body has water and conducts electrolytes. Water can be found within the bodies cells, in the ICF or intracellular fluid in addition to outside of the cells inside the ECF or also known as extracellular fluid. At high-level frequencies the current goes through both the ICF and ECF whereas at low frequency, when a current passes through the ECF space it does not penetrate the cell membrane.

Second of all, the impedance of a geometrical system is related to conductor length, its cross sectional area and signal frequency. Making use of these concepts, a value for impedance can be measured from a fixed level current being passed through an individual's body. This flow is inversely proportional to the amount of fluid. Total fluid determinations could actually be made specific for extracellular fluid by appropriate choice of signal frequency.

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