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Acupuncturist in Ottawa - Intravenous therapy or also called IV therapy is the giving of substances straight into a vein. Intravenous therapy can be used to correct electrolyte imbalances, to deliver medications and for blood transfusions. It can likewise be utilized as fluid replacement to be able to correct, like for example, dehydration. The intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver fluids and medications all through the body. Several medications, and lethal injections and blood transfusions, could only be given intravenously.

Vitamin C Intravenous therapy is another treatment used for conditions like cancer. Lots of centers dedicate certain treatment regimens, though there is still some controversy surrounding this form of remedy. Amongst the reputed benefits of Vitamin C therapy comprise: prolonging survival and increasing the quality of life. Vitamin C is useful in preventing systemic free radical injury and corrects a deficiency in ascorbic acid, that is usually found in cancer patients. Vitamin C inhibits hyaluronidase. This is an enzyme made by cancer cells that is responsible for the breakdown of healthy tissue, leading to metastasis and tumor progression. Vitamin C also works synergistically conventional with other traditional cancer therapies.

Different names for Vitamin C, consist of: L-ascorbate or L-ascorbic acid. It is an essential nutrient for human beings and different animals. It is an important antioxidant and protects the body against stress due to oxidation. Vitamin C is likewise a co-factor in at least 8 enzymatic reactions consisting of different collagen synthesis reactions that lead to the most severe symptoms of scurvy when they are not working correctly. In animals, these enzyme reactions are extremely essential in preventing bleeding from capillaries and wound-healing.

Vitamin C Mega Dosage

There are a lot who truly endorse and advocate utilizing Vitamin C, over 10 to 100 times more than the RDI or Recommended Daily Intake. Vitamin C supplements can be taken by intravenous therapy or orally. There have yet to be randomized, large clinical trials on the circumstances of high doses performed on the general people. Linus Pauling spent a large part of his life supporting the use of mega doses of vitamin C. He believed the established RDA was adequate to prevent scurvy but not necessarily a high enough dosage for optimal health.

A mega dose of Vitamin C continues to be and has been used to be able to prevent and treat a lot of different sicknesses, amongst which consist of cancer, coronary disease and the common cold. Current recommendations for Vitamin C are anywhere from 30 - 100 mg on a daily basis. Individuals taking a mega dose can ingest anywhere from 500mg to 1000 mg on a daily basis but the side effect of diarrhoea can be a common issue for those who ingest large amounts.

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