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Qi Ottawa - Feng Shui consultants could assist individuals with the decoration, orientation and layout of their residential home and commercial spaces. Consultants can also help with interior or exterior spaces or structural applications. Like for instance, she or he can be responsible for only the design and cosmetic dressing of an interior space. On the other hand, if a Feng Shui consultant is brought in to offer advice in an initial planning phase of a particular project, he or she could give input concerning the structural elements of the area or the building.

Feng Shui is most normally done inside home and office places. In the past, this art was most frequently practiced buildings of significance like palaces and places of worship. In the 1960s Feng Shui became popular in the West. Lots of books have been written ever since then and published in English as well as various languages. Numerous Westerners who have studied Feng Shui have gone on to become consultants.

There are a lot of schools that specifically provide courses in Feng Shui. To become a professional Feng Shui consultant, it is necessary to dedicate time to be able to become completely conversant with the practice. Feng Shui is based on knowledge of qi, which is also called "chi." Qi is normally defined as the flow of energy that is related to all the living things. The practice likewise relies on polarity, the theory of magnetic pulls as well as yin and yang. A Feng Shui consultant must also know the several symbols linked to practice as well as understanding a great deal concerning qi.

Typically, in the West, Feng Shui is normally performed in private houses. Though there are various professional spaces which are dressed or built according to the principles of Feng Shui, they are uncommon. Even if the area as a whole has not been organized to the principles of Feng Shui, it is possible to include elements into personal work spaces. When including Feng Shui into designing and dressing a larger space, it may be wise to consult a Feng Shui consultant, although it is possible to complete smaller projects on one's own.

Different Web sites provide lots of good information about Feng Shui histories and its principles. Information on these web sites will comprise information about the schools providing courses in addition to general knowledge of Feng Shui. Some of these web sites also provide contact information for those seeking a Feng Shui consultant.

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