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Meditation Ottawa - The ancient discipline of meditation concentrates on methods to be able to quiet the thinking mind to bring about deep relaxation and awareness. Meditation techniques have been practice for thousands of years in many of the cultures around the world. It has several of its roots in Eastern philosophy and religions. Hinduism and Buddhism have various teachings that incorporate meditation to be able to attain spiritual enlightenment. Some religions like Judaism, Catholicism and Christianity make use of various types of meditation through prayer. There are many kinds of meditation instruction consisting of: concentrating on objects, breathing techniques, chakra meditation, mantra meditation and guided imagery.

For beginning practitioners, instructions about breathing meditation methods are the easiest and simplest to apply. These methods would focus the awareness on breathing as a means so as to quiet the mind. This can be attained by counting the exhalations and inhalations and by concentrating on the movement of one's breath. For example, a technique for moving the breath is breathing in into the left nostril and next exhaling through the right nostril. Focusing the breath onto or into a particular part of the body is often used in healing meditations where one sends their energy into different cells which require healing and nourishment.

Guided meditation uses an individual read script so as to help take the practitioner on an internal journey utilizing relaxation techniques and creative visualization. Guided imagery is often utilized in hypnosis and in pain management. It can be practiced in different ways. For instance, some people find a great choice for handling tension is to imagine a peaceful location. Other individuals who are working to be able to heal emotional wounds may make use of this type of meditation to deliberately revisit a traumatic experience so as to facilitate the healing process.

Mantra meditation is another type of instruction that utilizes repetitive sound vibration so as to quiet the mind and open the heart to reach a higher level of consciousness. In mantra meditation, it is not unusual to utilize bells or prayer bowls along with chanting a verbal mantra such as "Om" or "love." The belief behind this type of meditation form is that specific tone vibrations can have a healing effect on a person either physically, mentally or spiritually.

There are seven major chakras or energy centers located in the body. Focusing on the different chakras is one more form of meditation instruction. Various kinds of yoga utilize the chakras during the physical and meditative or savasana parts of the practice. Normally, these are guided meditations. Normally the practitioners' concentrate the breath and the mind on the particular chakra utilizing their particular visualization and color properties. Like for example, someone who is meditating on the heart chakra would visualize a green spinning wheel over the chest while focusing energy in the middle of the chest.

A more advance meditative practice utilizes a focus on certain things. Candles are an object that is normally utilized. While gazing into the flame the practitioner tries to clear the mind. The goal of this is to follow the fire but to keep the concentration on the quality of the observation and not permitting the mind the opportunity to wander. Usually, it does not matter what the object is. The practice is simply intended to build up awareness and alertness.

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